Delicate material and accessories for wedding dress.

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Don`t waste your time with searching, you can buy everything at the same place from materials to accessories.
We offer our goods either in retail price in our shops or you can order them via our website (see order information).
The given prices are retail prices including 27% VAT.
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Order information

How to use the basket
Ordering process
Ordering from inland
Ordering from abroad

Telephone queries concerning the order can be arranged +36 30 823 6311 phone numbers, the Shop opening hours.

Items are can also be ordered via our website. Catalogue can be found under items cathegory.

How to use the basket

First you can see the list of cathegories in the middle where pictures also help to decide. If you choose cathegory the sub-cathegories appear or the list of items can be seen. If there sub-cathegories and you choose one of them then the list of the items appear. If you click on the photo of the item you can enlarge the picture. Next to the item you can find cells. Fill in them then click on the basket to make your order. The first cell is for the quantity. The color can be chosen from a list under the first cell except when there is no choice of colours or the colour is not defined. You can give further information of your order in the notes field, e.g. shoe size. When there is not any local note, you can leave the field empty.

Your basket appears on the right showing the items you have already ordered. If you click to order an item, it immediately appears in your basket. The total price can also be seen there. Next to the items is a cancel button if you click on it you can cancel your order from the basket. If you want to change the details of your order then first cancel the item then lock it for in the catalogue again and in your basket with the new details. If you need an article in several colors or sizes then order them one by one with the appropriate details.

Ordering process

You can order the chosen items by clicking on the order button then. From appears please fill it in. If your postal address is the same as your invoice address and you click on this button then you don’t have to fill the invoice address field.

If you require an invoice inclueding VAT please click on this button.

If the two address are not identical please fill in both fields.

Ordering from inland

If you fill the form and click on the send button the system sends an e-mail either to our company and a message to your e-mail if you have given it. The items are posted via Magyar Posta Zrt. (Hungarian Post Network) using its standard charges. ( Charges can be downloaded: ) You can pay the price of your order on delivery. You are also charged with the postal fees.

Ordering from abroad

If you order from abroad you are to pay the price and postal fees in advance if you accept this way please send your order. We will calculate the total cost and send you with our bank details and account nummber. The items are posted via Magyar Posta Zrt. (Hungarian Post Network) using its standard charges. ( Charges can be downloaded: )

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Swarovski Crystal products in Hungary the best retail price, the largest assortment.

Swarovski stones, elastic material, sequins, fringes, acrobatic rock & roll dance shoes, dance tights.

Swarovski stones, extra elastic spangles, decorative borders.

Unicolor and patterned lycra cloth.

Gloves for ladies and gentlemen for weddings, balls and special events.

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