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(4 products)
Swimsuit lining materialDacoratring wineElastic rubber  tapes Swimwear 

New products (5 products)
New products

Wedding lace (61 products)
Wedding laceEmbroidered tulleLaceEmbroidered tulleEmbroidered tulleEmbroidered tulle
LaceBeaded, sequined tulleFrench beaded tulleEmbroidered tulleEmbroidered tulle

(15 products)
SatinLining materialSatinSatinSatin

(1 product)

(2 products)
Thin duchesseMedium duchesse   

(1 product)
Inteligent taffeta    

(2 products)

(1 product)
Illusion Tulle    

(1 product)
Lining material    

(1 product)
Classic Chiffon    

(3 products)
Sparkle crepon organzaOrgansaSparkle organza  

(8 products)
Silk taffetaInteligent taffetaOne way elastic taffetaTaffetaColor change taffeta
Metallic glittering taffetaSequined and embroidered taffetaTaffeta  

(1 product)
Elastic satin    

(1 product)

(6 products)
Beaded and embroidered tulle with double molding    

(3 products)

(1 product)

(1 product)

(3 products)
Freed of London Jade Latin Dance Shoes  

(1 product)
Diana soft, light tulle    

(1 product)

(1 product)
Bridal Illusion Tulle    

(1 product)

Veiling Strips (1 product)
Veiling StripsVeiling Strips    

Veils (18 products)

(6 products)
Underskirt with 2 crinolineUnderskirt with crinolineUnderskirt with 4 crinolineUnderskirt with 5 crinoline

(5 products)
Underskirt with 3 hoopsUnderskirt with 4 hoopsUnderskirt with 2 hoopsUnderskirt with 1 hoopUnderskirt with 5 hoops

(1 product)
Underskirt with 2 crinoline for children    

(1 product)

Fishbones (14 products)
FishbonesSpring fishboneSpring fishboneFishbone rigiline 8-mmFishbone hoop clips 5 mmFishbone 10x1,0 mm
Spring fishboneFishboneFishbone hoop clips 11 mmFishbone rigiline 3-mmCasing for bones

(2 products)
Elastic tulleElastic tulle   

(1 product)

(2 products)
Matt neon tulleSoft tulle   

(2 products)
Semisolid tulleFluorescent medium hardness for decorative tulle   

(1 product)

(1 product)
Stiff tulle    

(1 product)

Horsehair ribbons (23 products)
Horsehair ribbonsHorsehair ribbon 38 mm widthHorsehair ribbon 29 mm widthHorsehair ribbon 75 mm widthHorsehair ribbon 10 cm width
Soft Horsehair Ribbon  3 cm widthSoft Horsehair Ribbon  2 cm widthHorsehair ribbon 15 mm widthTransparent Horse Hair Ribbon 3 cm width

(2 products)

(1 product)

Elasticated button hole looping (2 products)
Elasticated button hole loopingButtonhole trimElasticated  button hole looping   

(2 products)
Seamless corset busk plastic coating 45 cm longStainless steel spoon busk   

(3 products)
55cm transparent zipper50 cm transparent zipper70cm transparent zipper  

(10 products)
Rubber twineEmbroidered twineEmbroidered twine/lurexRubber ribbon 4 inchesRubber ribbon 2 inches
Rubber ribbon 3 cmRubber ribbon 1 inchRubber ribbon 2 cmWolf-tooth twineDacoratring wine

Fashion-Fix (1 product)

(1 product)
Purax Pure Pads    

(4 products)
Lace overlay with crystal stonesFringe lace 

Decorate accessories (20 products)
Decorate accessoriesStrassz Ribbon
Strassz RibbonStrass RibbonStrass RibbonStrassz Ribbon

Tiaras (21 products)

Headpieces with comb (2 products)
Headpieces with combHairpiece with comeHeadpiece with com   

Halfside headpieces (5 products)
Halfside headpiecesHalfside headpieceHalfside headpieceHalfside headpieceHalfside headpieceHalfside headpiece

Twisty hairpieces (3 products)
Twisty hairpiecesTwisty hairpieceTwisty hairpieceTwisty hairpiece  

(8 categories)
wrist gloves for womengloves for graduation ceremonyLace glovefingerless gloveselbow-lenght gloves
three-quarter glovesfull arm gloveschildren gloves  

(1 product)
Underskirt material    

Lace parasol (2 products)
Lace parasolParasolFan   

(1 product)
Nipple Cover    

Bra pads and accessories (12 products)
Bra pads and accessoriesTriangle push up padPush up cupsTriangle push up padTriangle push up padPush up pad
Cut and sew bra cup foamSilicon pushup braPush up padTriangle push up pad

Ring pillow (5 products)
Ring pillowRing pillowRing pillowRing pillowRing pillowRing pillow

Garters (5 products)

Dance shoes (7 products)
Dance shoesOpen waist PU court shoe with assimetric strapOpen waist PU court shoe with closed toeTanzanite dance shoesFreed of London Jade Latin Dance ShoesClosed toe PU sandal with crossed straps

Dance Shoes Heel Protector. (41 products)
Dance Shoes Heel Protector.Heel protector Middle Flare FPH GalaHeel protector FPH GalaHeel protector FPH Gala HPR 45Heel protector Circle FPH GalaHeel protector
Shield Heel CoverHeel protector FPH GalaHeel protector Flare InvertedUltra slim heel coverHeel protector FPH Gala HPR 42

(1 product)

Textile dye, shoe dye (1 product)
Textile dye, shoe dyeDylon Cold water clothing dye    

(1 product)
Dylon Hot water clothing dye    

Strass Glu (1 product)
Strass Glu Bostik All Purpose Glu And Fix    

(14 products)

(6 products)

(17 products)

CRYSTALLIZEDTM - Swarovski Elements. (1 product)
<font size=2>CRYSTALLIZED<sup>TM</sup><i> - Swarovski Elements</i></font>.Bostik All Purpose Glu And Fix    

Swarovski Round Stones. (1 product)
Swarovski Round Stones.    

Swarovski Flat Backs No Hotfix (3 products)
Swarovski Flat Backs No Hotfix  

Swarovski Flat Backs Hotfix (1 product)
Swarovski Flat Backs Hotfix    

Swarovski Sew-on Stones (1 product)
Swarovski Sew-on Stones    

Swarovski Fancy Stones & Settings (1 product)
Swarovski Fancy Stones & Settings    

Swarovski Beads (1 product)
Swarovski Beads    

Swarovski Crystal Pearls (1 product)
Swarovski Crystal Pearls      

Swarovski Pendants (1 product)
Swarovski Pendants    

Swarovski Plastic Trimmings (1 product)
Swarovski Plastic Trimmings    

Swarovski Buttons (1 product)
Swarovski Buttons    

Swarovski Metal Trimmings (1 product)
Swarovski Metal Trimmings    

Swarovski Crystal Mesh (1 product)
Swarovski Crystal Mesh    

Swarovski Cupchains & Findings (1 product)
Swarovski Cupchains & Findings    

Swarovski Knobs, Handles & Co (1 product)
Swarovski Knobs, Handles & Co    

Swarovski Lighting Collection (1 product)
Swarovski Lighting Collection    

Accessories (1 product)

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