Unicolor and patterned lycra cloth.

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Materials in wide range of colours for whom the impressive look is important.
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New Colours Arriwed! . (4 products)
New Colours Arriwed! .Vita matt neon lycra 190 gr/m2Revolutional new generation textilMonaco micro polyamideColorado Matt fitness, ballet dress material 190 gr/m2 

New Products (13 products)
New ProductsBrassiere cupsGel lift up nipple covers.Brassiere cupsSelf adhevise nipple cover
Adhesive nipple cover.Brassiere cupsHypoallergen soft shoulder strapCoton nipple cover

(1 product)

(1 product)
X-Play elastic lycra    

(1 product)

(1 product)

Sensitive lycra. (2 products)
Sensitive lycra.Sensitive® Life Reco is made with RECO® NYLON, the nylon yarn 100% made of pre-consumer waste. This fabric is certified GRS (Global Recycle Standard) declaring that the production is made in respect of environmental criteria concerning all the production chain.Sensitive®  Fit Mesmerizing style for optimum control of the silhouette. Assuring extra performances, comfort and flawless wearability.   

(1 product)

(1 product)
Gemma Shiny Lycra 170gr/m2    

Shiny lycras 170gr 87color.. (2 products)
Shiny lycras 170gr 87color..Shiny lycra 170 gr/m2Gemma Shiny Lycra 170gr/m2   

Matt lycra 170gr 146 color. (2 products)
Matt lycra 170gr 146 color.Matt lycra 170 gr/m2   

(2 products)
Sumatra Shiny Lycra 190gr/m2Shiny lycra 190 gr/m2   

Matt lycra 190gr 48color. (3 products)
Matt lycra 190gr 48color.Vita matt lycra 190 gr/m2Matt lycra 190 gr/m2  

(1 product)

(1 product)
Shiny neon lycra 170 gr/m2    

(3 products)
Vita matt neon lycra 190 gr/m2Brisbane neon lycra 190 gr/m2Matt neon lycra 190 gr/m2  

(1 product)
Long Beach Shiny Lycra 190gr/m2    

(19 products)
Maiorca matte lycra 190 gr/m2Shiny lycra 170 gr/m2Shiny neon lycra 190 gr/m2Sumatra Shiny Lycra 190gr/m2
Bahamas elastic lycra 150 gr/m2Venezia shiny lycra 140 gr/m2Foil lycraMatt lycra 170 gr/m2Shiny lycra 190 gr/m2

(9 products)
HololycraHololycraShiny LycraLycra elastic shineLux lycra
Metal shiny lycra 

(1 product)
Holo lycra    

(4 products)
Polka dot materialPolka dot materialPolka dot materialPolka dot material 

(8 products)
Stripped materialStripped lycraStripped materialStripped material
Stripped materialStripped materialStripped material  

(1 product)

Printed patterned materials (70 products)
Printed patterned materialsFlower pattern sequinPrinted pattern lycraPrinted pattern lycraFlower pattern sequinPrinted pattern lycra
Printed pattern lycraPrinted pattern fluo lycraLeopard patternedFlower pattern sequinFlower pattern sequin

(1 product)

(1 product)

(1 product)

(4 products)
National color red shiny lycra 170 gr/m2National color white shiny lycra 170 gr/m2National color green mstt lycra 190 gr/m2National color red matt lycra 190 gr/m2 

(1 product)

(1 product)

(6 products)
Power meshNeon Power meshPower meshPower mesh 65 gr / m2Power mesh
Elastic tulle    

(3 products)

(9 products)
Elastic tulleElastic tulleElastic tulleElastic tulle
Elastic tulleOne way elastic neon Elastic tulleOneway elastic tulleElastic tulle 

(1 product)
Ombre soft tulle    

(1 product)
Mesh fabric    

(1 product)

(1 product)
Re-embroidered stretch lace    

(2 products)
Oneway elastic muslinElastic muslin   

(1 product)

(1 product)
Stretch Velvet    

Beverly Shiny Lycra (1 product)
Beverly Shiny LycraBeverly shiny lycra 180 gr/m2    

(1 product)
Chine matte lycra 200 gr/m2    

(1 product)
Chine Rock matte lycra 225 gr/m2    

(1 product)
Colorado Matt fitness, ballet dress material 190 gr/m2    

Revolutional. (1 product)
Revolutional.Revolutional new generation textil    

(1 product)
Lerici shiny lycra 190 gr/m2    

(1 product)
Maiorca matte lycra 190 gr/m2    

ECONYL textil (2 products)
ECONYL textilVita matt lycra 190 gr/m2Vita matt neon lycra 190 gr/m2   

(1 product)
Monaco micro polyamide    

(1 product)
Shiny neon lycra 170 gr/m2    

(1 product)
Siviglia elastic muslin 85 gr/m2    

(1 product)
Starlight 80 gr/m2    

(1 product)
Venezia shiny lycra 140 gr/m2    

(1 product)
Vita matt lycra 190 gr/m2    

(1 product)
Vita matt neon lycra 190 gr/m2    

Bra pads and accessories (28 products)
Bra pads and accessoriesSports Mono BraCupSuport BraCupPush up cupsPushUp Inlay for sexy décolleté.Bra cup
Pus up braNatural PushUp PaddingBrassiere cupsSilicon pushup bra

Bra Cups (2 products)
Bra CupsFlexible Bra CupsRemovable Bra Cups   

(1 product)
Sports Mono BraCup    

Casual New Progressive (1 product)
Casual New ProgressiveSuport BraCup    

PushUp Inlay (2 products)
PushUp InlayPushUp Inlay for sexy décolleté.Free Bra Adhesive Sticker   

(1 product)
Free Bra Adhesive Sticker    

Bra cup ribbon.. (2 products)
Bra cup ribbon..Bra cup ribbonBra cup plüss ribbon   

(1 product)
Transparent zipper 40 cm open end    

(4 products)
Transparent zipper 55cmTransparent zipper 50cmTransparent zipper 70cmTransparent zipper 

(14 products)
Fishbone 10x1,0 mmCasing for bonesFishbone hoop clips 5 mmSpring fishboneFishbone 5x1,0 mm
Fishbone rigiline 12-mmFishbone hoop clips 11 mmFishboneCasing for bonesFishbone rigiline 8-mm

(22 products)
Horsehair ribbon 4,5 cm widthHorsehair ribbon 7,5 cm widthHorsehair ribbon 1,5 cm widthHorsehair ribbon 4,5 cm width
Horsehair ribbon 10 cm widthHorsehair ribbon widthHorsehair ribbon 27 mm widthSoft Horsehair Ribbon  2 cm width

(4 products)
Stainless steel spoon buskWigona buskSeamless corset busk plastic coating 45 cm longWigona Busk 

Ringli ribbon. (1 product)
Ringli ribbon.Ringli ribbon    

Korzet ribbon.. (2 products)
Korzet ribbon..Hook and eye tapaHook and eye tapa   

(5 products)
Rubber twineEmbroidered twine/lurexEmbroidered twineWolf-tooth twineDacoratring wine

Transparent Tape (1 product)
Transparent TapeTransparent Tape    

(2 products)
Elastic rubber tapes SwimwearElastic rubber  tapes Swimwear   

(7 products)
Elastic ruber stripeRubber ribbon 2 cmRubber ribbon 2 inchesRubber ribbon 4 inchesRubber ribbon 3 cm
Rubber ribbon 1 inch   

Vetex. (4 products)

Swimsuit accessories (11 products)
Swimsuit accessoriesSwimsuit ringSwimsuit clip (14 mm)Swimsuit ringSwimsuit accessorySwimsuit clip (24 mm)
Swimsuit clip (20mm)Swimsuit BuckleSwimsuit ringSeashell accessory for bikini

(12 products)
Strass RibbonStrass RibbonStrassz RibbonStrassz RibbonStrassz Ribbon
Strassz RibbonStrassz RibbonStrassz RibbonStrass RibbonStrass Ribbon

Preciosa sew-on stone crystal (6 products)
Preciosa sew-on stone crystalPreciosa sew-on stone crystalPreciosa sew-on stone crystalPreciosa sew-on stone crystal

(8 products)

(4 products)

(11 products)

CRYSTALLIZEDTM - Swarovski Elements
CRYSTALLIZED - Swarovski Elements

Swarovski Round Stones. (1 product)
Swarovski Round Stones.    

Swarovski Fancy Stones & Settings (1 product)
Swarovski Fancy Stones & Settings    

Swarovski Beads (1 product)
Swarovski Beads    

Swarovski Pendants (1 product)
Swarovski Pendants    

Swarovski Plastic Trimmings (1 product)
Swarovski Plastic Trimmings    

Swarovski Buttons (1 product)
Swarovski Buttons    

Swarovski Metal Trimmings (1 product)
Swarovski Metal Trimmings    

Swarovski Crystal Mesh (1 product)
Swarovski Crystal Mesh    

Swarovski Cupchains & Findings (1 product)
Swarovski Cupchains & Findings    

Swarovski Lighting Collection (1 product)
Swarovski Lighting Collection    

Swarovski Knobs, Handles & Co (1 product)
Swarovski Knobs, Handles & Co    

Accessories (1 product)

Strass Glu (1 product)
Strass Glu Bostik All Purpose Glu And Fix    

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